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We honour our fallen comrades by holding Annual Wreath Laying Ceremonies at our Irish United Nations Veterans Association Memorials and gravesides. Events are held annually throughout the country by our Posts.
We have a number of burial plots countrywide for members who fall on hard times. Details and requests can be made to National Welfare Officer of any Post Welfare Officer.


To advise and assist our members, also non-members, who have been adversely affected physically or mentally as a result of their UN Service. Welfare Officers are available countrywide to provide assistance for those who may have difficulties in coping with burials, domestic issues and accommodation needs. We have a number of Drop-in Centres, some with accommodation countrywide where members and non-members are welcome to visit for advice, tea, coffee, comradeship and a friendly chat.


To ensure the memory of those who gave their lives, service and sacrifice in the cause of peace on United Nations Service is not forgotten. To remember deceased ex-members of the Defence Forces who served at home and overseas and members of an Gardai.
We continue to erect IUNVA Memorials and secure graves countrywide.

MiSsion Statement

The principal aims & objectives are:
  • To provide an advice and assistance service for members and their families.
  • Research into problems and treatment of members who have been affected by their United Nations service.
  • To establish, maintain and encourage contact with associations similarly constituted in Ireland and other countries.
  • To promote public understanding of the Irish role in the United Nations operations.
  • To carry on programs to perpetuate the memory of deceased veterans and members of the Defence Forces and to comfort their survivors.
  • To participate in activities of a patriotic nature.
  • To provide social and recreational activities for its members.
  • To publish pamphlets, periodicals and other documents for the purpose of furthering the interests of the Association and its members.


Welcome to the Irish United Nations Veterans Association

Through these pages we hope you will gain an insight about IUNVA and learn what the association stands for and what we are about.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Membership is open to personnel both serving and retired members of the Defence Forces or Foreign Armies, the Gardai and Civilians who served with UN Field Service and have satisfactorily participated in a United Nations Operation or a United Nations mandated operation. Associate membership is also available.

Subscription is €24.00 paid annually posts may have their own post subscription too, this may vary from post to post.

No, serving personnel may become members of IUNVA and participate fully in it's activities.

Yes, there are a number of ways to support us, You can become a subscriber  Any member of the public, serving or retired members of Defence Forces (with or without UN Service) and Reserve Defence Forces may subscribe to our Association with a payment of €24.00 per annum. through Donate Button on this site  or by payment to Posts or National Treasurer. Serving members of the PDF may subscribe by deduction of €2 per month from payroll and retired members can have €2 per month deducted from their pension. All forms available from posts.  All subscribers will be acknowledged and Irish United Nations Veterans Association - Veterans Pin issued. 

We also have a donatation system, see the Donate Button at the bottom of the page.

In the Links page you will see a listing of all IUNVA posts in the country. Alternatively,  you can contact us by clicking the button below which will bring you to the contact page

Whether you’re curious about who we are! what we do? we’re here to answer any questions.

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