Forty five years ago, the first Irish unit to deploy to South Lebanon received a visit from the Minister for Defence Bobby Molloy who was accompanied by Lt Gen Carl O’Sullivan COS, HE Eamon Ó Tuathail Irish Ambassador to Lebanon, Comdt Jimmy Flynn ADC to COS and M Healy Sec DOD. This was the first ministerial visit to UNIFIL, it commenced on 3 Oct, he was greeted by the Bn Comd, Lt Col Eric Guieran and the minister received a Guard of Honour from HQ Coy, he was welcomed to the NCOs Mess by BSM Shay McKenna and the Mess President Sqn Sgt Mick Buggy.

We remember and salute members of the first DF contingent who served in arduous and challenging conditions from May to 30 Nov 1978, they were the trail blazers who laid the foundations for all who served after them.

The visiting party with the Bn Comd and Bn staff, credit private collection of the late Col Seán Norton DSM.

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